We are licenced Debt Collectors

On occasions we do accept goods to cover a debt.
It is usual to place these goods straight into a Public Auction to realise
whatever sum can be, to put against the outstanding debt.
Times are now changing and more of an effort is being made to recover as much
money as possible for both the debtor and creditor while giving the purchaser
a product at a reduced price.

All items listed are sold "As Seen on Description".
Each item is given a full description with relevant information to its status
i.e. whether it is new or secondhand (as a rule it is very rare for us to sell
a secondhand item unless it is a car, boat, plane etc) and comes with a
manufactures warranty.
All items are sold under the Distance Selling Requirements
Guide to Distant Selling Requirements.

Items found to be faulty by way of manufacture will in the first instance,
if possible have its fault retified by an agent of the manufacturer,
local to yourselves. If this is not possible the item will be exchanged if one is available.
Should these 2 options not be available a full refund will be given.

Return postage at all times, except where the item is found to be faulty by
way of manufacture or mis-description is the responsibility of the buyer

Return items must be in their original unopened packaging.

All items are postage free unless otherwise stated.

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